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Our Company was founded in 1985 and has been improving its activities and one of it goals is the client's satisfaction.
To take care and protect your patrimony are our principle. To attend and serve you, you can count on a team of lawyers, managers and accountants.
We have the best service to give you. Our performance is based on ethical values: Efficiency, Agility, Competence and Seriousness.
We are Your best choice in Real Estate Administration


LARAN COMPANY - is always after new knowledge and creates new products, so we can offer our customers an advanced service in the Real Estate Market ( Rent and Sale ), in Brazil. We will enumerate a few services, so you can evaluate them that are on your disposal:


We do detailed inspections with a service report and budget for the repairs to be carried out whenever we accept your real estate to be under our care or new locations or vacancy.

Property Maintenance

You can be sure that the maintenance services will be carried through between locations and during the location, so your property can be rented once more or returned to you in the previous conditions that you entrusted it to us.

Money Transfer

The net value of your tenant's payment will always be transferred on the day previously established in our administration contract.

Financial Statfement

We will issue monthly a statement of each real state separately, so our customer can visualize what the credits and debts are all about, such as: rent, commission, real state taxes, extra taxes, etc.

Collection on friendly Grounds

We have a very competent collection department.

Payment in the Bank

A banking document will be issued and the payment will be in one of the banks, so tenant won't have to come over our office. So he can choose his favorite bank or the one closer to him and this will bring him more comfort.

Judicial Collection

We have an efficient law support. We offer our RENTERS Law Assistance.

Technical Assistance Service

It is a service to our tenant that assists him during the location period; assistance on minor services for hydraulics and electricity (replacement of plugs and switches, repairs in the toilet flush, replacement of the sink siphon, unstopping). Managing Properties in Others States Laran is able to rent and manage properties in other states. We take part of an advanced net of locations, constituted of the ten best real state companies of Brazil, giving one another support, so all of them can offer their customers the same excellence in service and carry it through.
If you live in Salvador and owns a property in Porto Alegre, for example, we can take care and locate it, as if it were here, with no extra charges. Standard Tenant's Certificate Whenever the tenants give the keys back to us and were careful with the real estate, we will issue him a Standard Tenant's Certificate. That is our recognition for his good conduct and they can use it as a reference for other locations.


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